Umoja PAY

Payments Built for the 99%

Umoja Pay provides feature phone-compatible wallets & mass-payout tools built for hard-to-reach environments.

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Trusted by industry leaders


Payments on Any Device, Anywhere

Umoja Pay provides wallets and mass-payout tooling that can work on any phone, anywhere - including areas without Internet access.

Adaptable Wallets

Umoja Wallets operate on cards, feature phones, & smartphones

Programmable, Transparent Mass-Payouts

The Management Dashboard enables organizations to facilitate 100% transparent mass-payouts to registered payees anywhere, anytime

Payee Account Access & Transaction History

Organizations may see the program accounts of all their payees, including transaction history, and may pause wallets as needed

Merchant PoS

PoS wallet provides digital book-keeping for e-commerce


Loved by industry leaders.

“This is a major innovation in humanitarian assistance. Transaction tracking is usually a huge challenge for us. We now have info in real-time regarding the expenditure and program budget available."

Care International Manager

“To be in a rural area and see vendors and beneficiaries with minimal education levels easily using this technology is mindblowing. It's like bringing Haiti into the 21st Century."

Hope for Haiti Country Director

“We get to see where the money is spent, we get to see how much is spent, which allows us to identify and solve problems for our beneficiaries."

Save the Children Field Officer

Battle-tested around the world and back.

Multinational NGOs have used Umoja Pay to serve thousands of aid recipients and merchants with 100% transparency & 96% higher program efficiency.




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Frequently asked questions.

What tools are a part of the Umoja Pay product suite?

Umoja Pay consists of adaptable, digital wallets for retail and merchant users & a mass-payout tool for organizations.

How has Umoja Pay been used in the past?

Is Umoja Pay able to localize to the region it's deployed?

Does Umoja Pay use blockchain technology?